4 Essential Storage Tricks for Your Philly Home

You've just moved into your new home in Philadelphia, and you've begun to unpack your belongings. The living room looks exactly how you imagined it, and you couldn't be happier that your favorite cafe is just steps away from your front door.

Yet, as you continue to unpack and fill your closets with clothes, shoes, personal belongings, and more, you quickly realize you are running out of storage space. The living room starts to look less than picture perfect, and you have no idea where you are going to put that bike you bought but still haven't found time to ride. Now what?

While there are countless advantages to city living, often times, storage space is not on the list. Many homes and apartments, especially those in more historic buildings, have limited closet space and opportunities for effectively storing belongings. In Philadelphia, there are definitely some buildings that offer residents private storage units, but even so, most city dwellers need to get inventive with the space they have.

It is probably no surprise that many residents of New York City face the same challenges. With an extremely high cost of living, it is not uncommon for residents to squeeze into close quarters to enjoy the advantages of the location. As a result, little room remains for belongings and the like.
Luckily, most Philadelphia condos or apartments are much more spacious than what you might find in NYC, but similar challenges remain. Plus, storage allows for organization and a happier, cleaner way of living.

HouseLogic, a popular home ownership website, collected tips and tricks for New York City dwellers to incorporate into their tiny spaces. These tips can be super helpful for anyone renting or owning a home in Philadelphia, as they are tricks that can be used anywhere.

So, here are some storage tips to consider in your Philly home:

  1. Bring Something in, Take Something Out.

    Minimalism is the design trend of the year, especially since studies prove that having less clutter relieves stress and adds to overall happiness. The easiest way to keep your clutter at bay? Follow the rule: Each time you bring something new into your home, you must get rid of something else. Maybe even try for two things. Plus, an additional benefit is that decluttering is a must when staging your home to sell, so the less you have, the easier it will be to eventually appeal to buyers once it’s time to make a move. 

    What are some ways you can incorporate minimlism into your space?

    1. Keep only the essentials
    2. Incorporate simple decor and artwork
    3. Use subdued colors and patterns
    4. Find a place for everything - And stick to it
    5. Clear walls, floors, and surfaces
    6. The less furniture, the better
    7. Pause and think before buying anything new
    8. Quality over quantity - Seek out timeless pieces
    9. Examine and purge on a continual basis
    10. Relax and enjoy what you have!

    Minimalism is all about examining what you have, prioritizng the essentials, and removing the rest. The cleaner your living space, the happier you will be, (and the less you will have to worry about storing away!).

  2. Make the Most of Your Wall Space

    Walls don’t just have to be for hanging paintings or holding ceilings, as there are tons of vertical storage options that effectively utilize wall space. Add floating shelves, coat hangers, or even shelving that supports sporting goods such as a bicycle or tennis rackets. In the kitchen, you can use wall shelving for utensils, cutting boards, or even magnetic strips for knives (just be careful!). 

    Some other clever ideas to incorporate wall storage into your space include:

    1. Install shelves along the upper perimiter of a room. These can be used for books, plants, and more.
    2. Find a headboard with storage for your bed
    3. Install a fold-down desk
    4. Add a cork wall to hang jewlery
    5. Hang pegs for shoes, coats, and bags

    The trick here is to get creative with the wall space you have without cluttering up things too much. Don't forget - If it's not essential, get rid of it!

  3. Don't Knock on Door Storage

    Have you ever noticed how much clearance your closet or pantry doors have from the items inside? If there is extra space between the two, use it! On the backs of doors, you could mount magazine file boxes, small containers, shoe bags, a towel bar, and more. Use these hanging storage containers to hold everything from beauty items to cleaning supplies. 

  4. Containerize! 

    Walk through any home goods store and you find countless sizes, shapes, colors, and designs available for storage containers. These are the perfect storage solution, as not only will they hold your household items, they will enhance the decor in the space. Containers are great for bathroom toiletries, dog toys, cycling gear, shoes, office supplies - you name it.
For more ideas on how to make the most of your home storage, check out the full HouseLogic article. There are plenty of clever ways to add storage space and make your Philly home look its best!

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