Compass Concierge: Maximize Your Philadelphia Home's Value


Compass Concierge: Changing The Way Homes Are Sold 

Compass Concierge is transforming the home selling experience by offering sellers a way to finance home repairs, staging, and more without upfront costs, interest, or hidden fees. 

This program is proven to both reduce the average time on market and selling price of homes across the country. 

We know this program is groundbreaking and impactful, but don't just take our word for it. Listen to what Compass clients Bill and Jill have to say about their experience:


5 Reasons You Should Be Using Compass Concierge:

  1. Maximize the Value of Your Home.

    Easily increase the market value of your home and sell for a higher price.

  2. Show Your Home in Its Best Light.

    From painting to flooring, Concierge services can help your home look its best before hitting the market.

    Some services that are covered under the program include:

    • Painting
    • Staging
    • Floor Repair
    • Carpet Cleaning / Replacement
    • Decluttering
    • Cosmetic Renovations 
    • Moving & Storage
    • Roofing Repair
    • Fencing
    • Electrical Work
    • Kitchen Repair
    • Sewer Lateral Inspections & Remediation
    • And Over 100 More...

  3. Sell Your Home Faster.

    Concierge helps you attract more buyers so that you can sell your home quickly. 

  4. No Upfront Costs Or Interest.

    Funds will be advanced to you for home improvement services. When your home sells, you’ll pay the costs of services rendered and nothing more. 

  5. Compass Concierge Is Hassle Free.

    From assessing which updates will increase your home’s value the most, to recommending the best vendors for the job, you’ll have my complete guidance and assurance at every step.
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