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Eclectic, exciting, and one of "America's hottest neighborhoods."


Welcome to Fishtown

Old and new. Traditional and trendy. Residential, yet energetic and alive with some of the city’s most vibrant artistic, culinary, and musical influence. Philly had been well warned about the rise of Fishtown, and now it is considered one of Forbes’ ‘Hottest New Neighborhoods’.


Fishtown, situated just northeast of Center City, is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. Originally occupied by the Lenape Tribe, the area transformed during the 18th century when working-class immigrants began to take over and shape a thriving industrial epicenter. Namely, in fishing.
At one point in time, fish waded through the Delaware River. Many fish, actually. Consequently, it was only natural for this perfectly positioned neighborhood to take advantage of their location, and thus, a community was built around the industry. Ironically, the further Philadelphia industrialized, the further away the fish swam until they both ran dry. For the periods to follow, the neighborhood stayed connected and primarily working class. 
Over the past decade, a new sort of change has taken hold. An influx of artists, restaurateurs, breweries, and millennial residents have flooded of this corner of Philadelphia and transformed it into one of the city’s major cultural hotspots. 

The Lifestyle

Eclectic and thriving, Fishtown’s Frankford Ave is lined with tons of unique bars, restaurants, music venues, studios and galleries for residents to enjoy. It is truly impossible to be bored in this corner of the city, where you can enjoy a quiet corner of a local coffee shop or step outside and enjoy a beer at Frankford Hall.
Some of our favorites include:
  • Amalgam Coffee
  • Atlantis Lost Bar
  • Memphis Taproom
  • Pizza Brain
  • Cake Life
  • La Colombe
  • Soup Kitchen Cafe 
  • Wm Mulherin’s Sons

Unexpected Appeal

Most have heard of Fishtown’s reputation as a foodie’s haven, but newcomers may be pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of diversity in the neighborhood’s eateries. Grab a cheesesteak at Joe’s, enjoy the ever-changing menu at Johnny Brenda’s, or try any of the enticing Lebanese options at Suraya.

The Market

There’s no denying that with the steady rise of newcomers, new construction and home prices are rising proportionally. The neighborhood is certainly growing more expensive, making it worth it to move now if you’ve been considering the area. Search here for current homes available in Fishtown!
  • Homes Sold: 225
  • Median Price: $335,000
  • Median Days on Market: 16

You'll Fall in Love With

The unique collaboration of creativity, culture, and history makes Fishtown one of the most exciting neighborhoods of Philadelphia, and according to Forbes, the whole country.

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